Additions shortcut method for numbers in the competitive exams

Basics are more important to get success in competitive examinations. Additions, Subtractions, Multiplications and Divisions are more important. Many questions come from the Additions. 

We learnt in the school additions in a common method. Adding  two digits in writing line by line is a common method we learnt, as shown in the picture. This is the common method we have.

In a case of competitive exams that method will not be worked in order to save the time. Moreover, speed and accuracy are needed.
Adding two digits in writing side by sided is a key method for additions, it is much easier to calculate. Don't use paper for solving the problems. 

How to add numbers without paperwork in competitive exams?

Adding numbers without paperwork is much easy. Write side by side number and add for a result. The main tip for addition is keeping the remaining number in mind for further calculation and add it to the next number result. Same do for all occurrences in the additions and write final result. 

For example, take two digits of two numbers and add it for a final result.

Shortcut method for additions: Here, I am taking 85, 79 

85 + 79 = ?
Step - I 

First add last digits of both number 

5+ 9 = 14
Write '4' a final answer digit and keep remain '1' in mind for further calculation.

Now add second digits of both numbers 
8+7 = 15 (Now add reminder '1' to step-II)
                                                        = 15 + 1 = 16
Write '6' as final answer digit and keep remain '1' in mind for further calculation.
here no further calculation is required, so write '16' before the '4' which comes from the step-I

Final answer is 85 + 79 = 164
Additions Shortcut

The Same method applies for 8516, 7923

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